October 10, 2020

Animal Feed From Food waste

“Kirimanshi” is a leading agro-based organization that operates from Rajasthan, India. This pioneer organization is one of its kind producers of ‘cattle feed’ by using the vegetables and fruits that go vein from the market places of Jodhpur. This organization is very successful in its production and also at its sales.

Mr.Nikhil Bhora is the one who came up with is a wonderful theme of producing cattle feed from the vegetable market residue and started ‘Kirimanshi’ in the year 2015. He has also found it to be a profitable venture, which has received continuous appreciation and support from the farmers and agriculturists.

The statistical report from the Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute says, “There is an insufficiency of cattle fodder by forty percent every year on an average”. Not only that, the records also claim that in India, approximately rupees four hundred and forty crores worth of vegetables, fruits, and food grains are being wasted every year, which is pathetic to know. Reasons for this wastage may vary from place to place and it can also have multiple reasons but no proper measures have been implemented so far is the bitter truth.

Initially, the Government of Rajasthan has also helped ‘Kirimanshi’ with economic support, and alongside a few NGOs has also helped the organization in setting up eight full-time workers and fifteen part time workers in collecting and segregating the market residue (vegetables and fruits) from all the town. All the collected agro-based market residues are dried and ground by adding the required supplements at the fodder production factories of Jodhpur and Jaipur. Once the grinding process is done, the sausage is been made into small pellets using dedicated machines for extrusion and are packed in sacks of fifty kilograms.

The cattle Fodder Pellets produced by ‘Kirimanshi’ is cheaper by ten percent, at least, when compared to that of the other cattle fodders available in the market. In today’s world, the area grazing land has widely reduced: at this juncture, the cattle fodder produced by ‘Kirimanshi’ has turned out to be a real boon to all the cattle lovers. It’s not just about the production of healthy fodder for cattle, by means of using all the agro-market residues as the raw material: the environment and the eco-system we live in also benefits due to less garbage.

This amazing project has also been expanded in Bengaluru for the first time in South India. While in a recent interview, Mr. Nikhil also said that, “in collaboration with ‘Godrej Agro vet’, Kirimanshi is likely to set up innovative project plants in various places across the nation”.

  1. Producing Cattle Fodder from the agricultural products that go vein
  2. Creating new avenues for the farmers to earn additional income
  3. To satisfy the need for cattle fodder
  4. To create employment
  5. To eradicate pollution due to agro-based products

The above said are the core ideologies promoted by ‘Kirimanshi’ and we wish their high concerns on society and their eco-friendly ventures may create a remarkable change and create a revolution in the areas of agriculture and agro-based industries.

(Note: all the above said are information gathered from the internet, in the future, changes may be brought to the article – if we find anything different during our further research).

Edited by

Sooraj M - CEO, Virutcham Foundation (Nammakal)